Drunks and Trains Don’t Mix

There’s a new subway hero in town, and his name is Veeramuthu Kalimuthu, a Columbia University mechanic.

It was Wednesday when Kalimuthu was waiting for his train at 116th Street. A person on the platform across from him (other side of the tracks) fell on to the tracks. People began screaming and yelling.

Just then, Kalimuthu jumped down, crossed the three lines of active tracks, including third rails, and rescued the drunk. He put him into a fireman’s carry and passed all 180 pounds of drunk as stupidity up to people standing on the platform.

So let this be a lesson. Drink your face off…fine. Get a cab. Drink your face off and fall on the tracks…from now on, we’re just going to let you sleep it off in the track gutter.

Let’s see how fast the money starts pouring in for this guy like it did for Autrey.