BREAKING: Cop Shot in Queens Subway

SUBWAYblogger is getting reports that an officer was shot in the subway in Queens.

Sources tell us that at least one cop was shot.  A second officer was also injured and taken to the hospital.  Not sure if that officer was shot as well.

The suspect(s) are in custody and are also reported to have been shot.

This all has allegedly occurred at the F train in Queens at 21st Street and 41st Ave.

UPDATE: Confirmed that two police officers were shot at Queensboro Bridge Station.

Update Update: Two officers, Shane Farina and Jason Maass, were attempting to arrest a suspect for using a child’s student fare card (shocking) when a struggle broke out.  The suspect grabbed one of the officer’s guns and opened fire on both of them.

One cop was shot in the chest, the other in the back.

The officers managed to radio ahead to their lieutenant, who was positioned near the token booth.  The lieutenant drew down on the suspect and opened fire, shooting the suspect 4 times.

Suspect Raul Nunez faces attempted murder and could get 25 years to life.