My New Favorite Spot to Ride

So I have a new favorite spot to ride the train, but it is a tough spot to get.

I like to stand right on the very end of the train by the door that leads from one train car to another. I find that you can get lean on the door a little and the door to the little conductor cab. You know?

It’s a nice area because rarely (if ever) is there any passenger traffic to contend with. You can lean there in relative peace and quite without having to constantly shuffle while people get in and out.

Of course, I rarely bother getting a seat because when I do I get the hairy eyeball from the old ladies. So I always stand unless the train is very empty. So good standing space is hard to come by.

Unfortunately, this spot is often taken, and it can be hard to reach on a crowded train. Also, this is not a spot to stand if you only have a few stops to go. You don’t want to be that a-hole that has to climb over everyone to get off the train. So it is best for longer rides.

You should also be a little careful if you choose to try it. Sharp turns and jolts in the track are magnified on the ends. The ends of the trains have the most left to right movement for the riders, so you could get slammed into the wall you are leaning on if you aren’t careful.

What’s your favorite ride spot on the train?