Bed Bugs Attack in the Subway

Bed Bugs on Subway

As if we don’t have enough things to dodge in the subway, like homeless bums. Now we have to watch out for bed bugs.

“…reported seeing the bugs on wooden benches at the Union Square and Fordham Road stations in Manhattan and The Bronx, respectively.”

I generally avoid sitting on those gross wooden benches on the platform, but now I definitely will. Bedbugs are being found on the benches.

In case you don’t know, all it takes is one of these little buggers riding home with you for your entire home to become infested. You might as well say good bye to every bit of fabric and furniture you own!

And they bite like crazy while you sleep.

I’d imagine that the bed bugs will easily spread via homeless people sleeping on he benches. They move around from place to place and spread the bugs. The fact that the benches are wood probably doesnt help the situation either.

Eeeww…now I’m all itchy.