Top Commenters Link Love

Top SUBWAYblogger commenters will now get some link love.  Everyday, we run through the database of comments.  Those readers that have the most comments posted within the last 7 days will get a link to their site posted in the SUBWAYblogger sidebar.

Just comment away as usual.  Your comment count is tied to your email address (always kept anonymous).  So as long as you use the same email address each time, your comment tally will remain accurate.

The top commentors list is indexable by the search engines.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Blogroll Pruning

Took a look at the blogroll today and noticed that there were a bunch if sites I honestly don’t read anymore.  Either I’ve lost interest, or the owner has stopped posting…whatever.  So, I went through an weeded out some of the dead wood.

So the blogroll is a little shorter now.  If you’re on there, that’s because I really do enjoy your site!

Are there any you think should be added?