Vote and Ride the Subway

Here’s an idea that’s uniquely New York: Vote while riding the subway.  You know how the MTA does it’s semi regular rider report cards?  Let’s do that for voting.

I can only imagine how long the lines are going to be tomorrow.  There’s going to be way more people than anyone expected voting tomorrow, so I thought this idea might be good for 2012.

Just like the report cards, have people pick up their official ballots on their way in to the subway.  You can still have it be official where you have to be registered to get a ballot.

Then you take your ballot with you on the train.  While you’re waiting on the platform or riding, you should have plenty of time to fill it out.  All you need is a No. 2 pencil, and you’re all set.  Then simply deposit your ballot when you get off the train.  Maybe that’s too open to fraud?

Ok, so instead checking in at the registration table before you get a ballot, you do it after.  So everyone who gets in the subway gets handed a blank ballot.  Then when you get to your destination, you take your completed ballot to the registration table.  If you’re on the roll and your info checks out, you can deposit your ballot in the box.

Or if all else fails, put big blue and red dots on the subway turnstiles.  Swipe through the blue turnstiles to vote for Obama.  Swipe through the red turnstiles to vote for McCain.  (Something tells me there’d be a log jam in the blue lanes.)