Page Six Ads Just Plain Stupid


Ok, I just have to get this off my chest. The New York Post has these f*cking stupid ads up on the subway for “Page Six.” They are taking their already lame section and turning it into a Sunday magazine.

“It’s Free in the Sunday New York Post.” Which means it’s not free at all because you have to buy a copy of the post. Yes, I want to wake up Sunday morning and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee while browsing the latest shots of Britney Spears’ cooch.

Besides just being a lame marketing ploy in the first place, the ads themselves drive me nuts because they are trying way to hard to be funny.

“Feeling Six-y”

“Six on the brain”

“Put more Six in your Sunday”

For those that don’t know, Page Six is the gossip section of the post. Historically, the paper always put the dirty laundry on that page. Eventually, people started saying, “Did you see the story about _________ on page six?”

The lameness was born, and now it has been turned into a sub-brand.

It should be called, “Page Keep this Shit Out of the Newspaper Because There’s More Important Things Happening in the World.”

Now, we have to stare at these things all the way to work. Is that fair?