New Metrocard Today

I just bought a new Metrocard, and was again reminded of how badly we monthy unlimited users were hosed in the fare hike.

I only bring it up because of yesterday’s news of a $3 billion deficit in the MTA budget.

Where the hell is all the money going? If there are millions of rides everyday, that means there’s millions in revenue everyday. However, it seems like that money is already spent before they even have it.

I also love how casually they say that the missing money was just for maintenance and repairs….nothing major. It’s the lack of repairs and maintenance that has caused the subway system to crumble in the first place!

Then you look around at stations like 59th Columbus Cirlce which is taking 2+ years to refurbish and you wonder what the hell is going on. They can build 30 story apartment buildings in a year, but they can’t pour fresh concrete and lay some tiles in less than 2 when it comes to the subway.

It’s a big scam.

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Using the Water in the Subway for Good?

Subway Rat and Dirt

I can think of few things more disgusting than using the water collected in the subway for anything other than chemical weaponry. However, it seems that the MTA may be looking into that as part of the sustainability plan.

For example, MTA plans to power a “significant portion” of the Roosevelt Island Subway Station with renewable tidal energy generated in the East River; add a high-performance roof at MTA Metro-North Railroad’s Harmon Yard Shop, and a white roof at the MTA Long Island Rail Road Hillsdale facility; offer incentive packages from various state agencies to encourage development at or near MTA stations; and evaluate ways MTA New York City Transit can use water harvested from the subway system. [Progressive Railroading]

I’m all for sustainability, energy conservation, and saving the environment. HOWEVER, what possible good can come from doing anything with the subway water “harvested” from the system? Gross!