Spitzer Screws Hookers and Transit System

Just when you thought some serious decisions were finally going to be made in Albany about all things transportation in NYC, Spitzer had to get caught with his pants down.

Clearly, these developments throw some major wrenches in plans for things like congestion pricing and transit related budget issues. While the pols in Albany get their panties untwisted, we’ll just have to wait around.

Regardless of your opinion of Spitzer as a leader, at least some decisions were being made. Good or bad…at least once they were decided, we could all move on to the next thing.

That’s the most frustrating thing about politics…all the waiting and suspense.

For example, the fare hike. Personally, as a monthly card holder, I feel it was a little excessive. Needed perhaps, but a bit much. However, I’m just glad it is done! At least I know for the next year or two, the price will be the price. I can move on with my life.

Congestion pricing, well now what? If your for it or against it, wouldn’t you just rather have a final decision made so we could all move on.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that Patterson can get the momentum moving again.

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