TransitTrax Podcast: “Is this thing on?”

So I know most of you listen to the MTA’s “TransitTrax” podcast on a daily basis…yeeeeah.

Honestly, is there anyone listening to this?  I mean, SUBWAYblogger is probably in the top 5 biggest subway geeks out there, and we don’t even listen to this.

Not to knock it or anything.  If there’s someone at the MTA with the time and desire to do it, I guess why not.  Can’t hurt.

It should probably get updated more often, and be promoted more.  If it were really done daily with current news, maybe people would actually listen to it.

Hell, turn it into a radio show.  Put some subway entertainment news, trivia, etc into it, and it might just make an interesting thing to listen to during your commute.

Then again, maybe not.