Trump Gets Dissed

Ha! The contractors working on the refurbishment of the Columbus Circle subway station printed up a bunch of signs directing people to the Trump Globe. However, they spelled his name Trumph!

Apparently, they did not follow proper procedure.

“They are being reinstructed on the proper way to obtain a service information poster from the service information division of corporate communications,” he said. “That division researches, writes and prints all of our service information posters, brochures, take-ones and the like you see in the system and posted on buses.” [City Room]

I don’t know what’s funnier: Donald Trumph getting pissed off because his brand name was spelled wrong, or the fact that there’s an entire department devoted to “researching” signs and posters.

Weekend Subway Service Changes Reach Whole New Level

This was honestly what you had to deal with this weekend to get around the city.

Subway Changes Map

The MTA basically decided to turn the subway into a giant NASCAR track.  So you had to just get on and cross your fingers that you boarded the correct train in the loop.

The 2 train went down the west side as normal, but then returned back up the east side.  The 5 train went down the east side, but then came up the west side.

Hopefully you didn’t have your iPod turned up so loud you couldn’t hear the announcements.  Odds of noticing the posters were low.  Even if you did, you probably wouldn’t be able to read them without the special decoder ring.