Being right all the time gets boring

So like I said, the rain is bad news.

My ride home was all f-ed up.  I got onto the platform only to see 10,000 other people already waiting for the train delayed due to rain.

By pure miracle, I made it onto the first train that finally came 15 minutes later.  People were getting so pissed that they left the station (to go back out into the rain!).  It just so happened that a guy in front of me got fed up and left.  A minute later, the train came and a door lined up with me perfectly.

The train immediately switched from a local to an express train…pissing off many.

So yeah, being right all the time is getting pretty old.

A bit of rain for the next few days. Will the trains hold up?

I guess only time will tell.  When there’s back to back days of solid rain, it can cause some big issues on the subway.  For whatever reason, the subway and water just don’t mix.

It is kind of ironic that an massive system of underground tunnels build on an island at the mouth of a major river completely melts down when the water gets even the slightest bit high.  Poor planning?  I’m just saying.

Also, the manager of my home subway stop clearly cannot wait to start salting the stairs.  Either that or he has more bags of salt than he can store.  Everyday for the last week, there’s been obscene amounts of salt on the stairs.  It actually has made the stairs more treacherous because you feel like you’re walking down gravel planks.

It’s been fairly warm and dry so the salt just sits there.

A little sprinkle here and there would probably be a good idea when it gets below freezing at night, but it has been so warm lately.

Of course, we’ll get a foot of snow in January, and we’ll need to bring our own shovels to get down to the train.