AM Rain

So it is raining right now as I enter the subway. Not too hard but enough to be annoying. It is funny how people FLIP out when it rains.

I always get a laugh out of the people that huddle around the stairs up to street level. They just stand there, and I assume it is because they are going to “wait it out.” Seriously though, who has that kind of time?

I find the people that wait underground AFTER work to be even stanger. Why not just make a run for it? You are on your way home anyway, so just change out of you wet clothes.

Which brings me to my next subject: umbrellas. At what point is it appropriate for me to punch you in the teeth for dripping your PGA Tour sized golf umbrella all over my suit? Or can I save that for when you decide to walk up the 5 foot wide stairs with the umbrella open, poking eyes out as you go?

And where do the umbrella sales guys keep their umbrellas until it rains? As soon as the first drop hits the pavement, they start popping up all over town.

Anyway, here’s my stop. More this afternoon.

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