Way to go NYC! We’ve won second place.

This week, a report was released ranking the cities with the worst commutes. Guess what? New York City was ranked number 2…as in the second worst in the country. Vineland, NJ was ranked number 1, but we think that’s total bull. Who’s ever heard of Vineland, NJ? We think they made that one up so that New Yorkers wouldn’t riot in the streets.

What is so sad is that a college had to go back and look at the official data that was released by the government agency. Why you ask? Probably because the kids there are smart and suspicious of the government…like they should be.

In the report, Queens College discovered that there are actually more commuters than ever before. How ’bout that. Instead of just ranking the cities, we had to rely on a bunch of Queens College coeds to extract some useful information. Furthermore, they found that tens of thousands of working class people have stopped driving their cars in favor of public transportation including buses, trains, and subways.

SUBWAYblogger, of course, believes that the NYC Subway system is the absolute best way to get around the city. Unfortunately, it sounds like the word is getting out. More and more people are saying, “Screw driving in this sh*t,” and heading for the subways. Guess that’s job security for SUBWAYblogger!

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