Harlem Week 2006: Aug 29th – Sept 30?



Nothing says good, clean, family fun like a neighborhood event sponsored by Miller. 

Ok so we admit that we don’t know anything about Harlem Week other than it really isn’t a week.  It is actually a month.  Harlem Week runs from Aug 29th thru Sept 30th.  Soooo shouldn’t it be called Harlem Month?

The MTA is apparently supporting Harlem Month Week by linking to the site.  We also assume that they are trying to get more people into Harlem via MTA transportation.  Of course, we have nothing against Harlem.  SUBWAYblogger only lives a few blocks from Harlem.  We just find it funny that Harlem Week is really…well…more than a week.  We hope we aren’t the first ones to notice. 

HarlemDiscover.com is the website.  We also wonder if it should be DiscoverHarlem.com instead, but who are we to judge.

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