Diplomatic travel hell

I’m not even sure this headline is a real thought or phrase…let’s just go with it.

As suspected, the subway is an absolute shit show this morning. Waaaaay to many people trying to board at each station. There’s also way to many that clearly do not know “the rules.” The jump in front of people, stand in OUR waiting spots, etc. Clearly they are people the cab it or drive to work every day. Now that the east side is closed, they are SOL so they join us on the subway.

How exactly do you shut down the FDR anyway? Do people down there just tock up on supplies for days ahead of time?

Right now, my Blackberry is basically in the ear of the guy in front of me. His head is about 8 inches from my face. My man ain’t no little guy either. So we are cozy to say the least.

It makes typing out complete sentences a little tricky. For the most part, I’ve only got use of one hand. I’d be “throwin’ bows” in this guy’s face if I brought up both arms.

At least this party only happens once a year!

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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