Dear Jews, thanks for the holiday.

No, I’m not Jewish, but I sure dig your holidays!

Both to and from work, it was a relaxed commute. There were far fewer people to battle with today. This morning almost felt like a Saturday morning!

Anyway, on to more interesting topics.

We’ve said it before and I think it is worth mentioning again. If you are to fat to only take up a single seat, then you do not get to sit. EVER. If you are that fat, you could use a little more time on your feet.

I managed to get a seat just a couple minutes ago. The seat to my left came open. Some fat b*tch waddled up and asked me I’d I could scoot to make a little more room.

I looked her square in the eye and said: NO.

I’m sorry, but I am a thin person enjoyinh my seat. You are welcome to sit next so me. However, I am not about to move over so that your ass can ooze into my seat.

If you want two seats, I want to see that you paid twice the regular fare.

Here’s an idea, instead of a fare hike, how about a “pay per pound” MetroCard? Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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