A new angle on begging

I boarded the train just minutes ago, and at the very first stop, a strange guy got on board.

He has an L.L. Bean style tote bag with him. Inside, he has hero rolls in plastic wrap. I know, I know…”See something, say something.” Trust me, I thought about it.

Anyway, he started off with the traditional “Good morning ladies and gentleman.”

“Here we go,” I thought to myself.

So he reaches into his bag and pulls out some of the rolls. He says he is here to ask for donations to feed the homeless. The bread he carries is free to anyone who needs it.

So I’m thinking to myself, is he trying to sell these rolls to us? I guess not. They’re just a prop. It worked though. He even had “Tax ID” papers clearly made in Word.

Anway he was selling crazy….and people were buying.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

2 thoughts on “A new angle on begging

  1. That scam has been going on in Holland for a while. Guys with boxes of old food walk around the streets and do the same. However the alcohol on their breath is usually a give away.


  2. Well, the truth is I’ve seen them on the train before also. They’re usually from an organization called UHO and as far as I know, they are legit. I’ve given to them on numerous occasions, merely because they don’t just ask for money, but because they also solicit food. Scammers don’t want a sandwich, that’s for sure.

    UHO is legit, and their people always have their ID out (as you noticed) and so on. They seem like good people.


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