Friday could not have come soon enough

First, a message for the kids…

Kids, you know that feeling of excitement when school gets out on Friday. You have the whole weekend to look forward to. Well, adults have that same feeling. Actually, it never goes away after you graduate. Getting off work on Friday feels as good as it did back in grade school.

Anyway, I looks like people are leaving town for the weekend. Maybe it’s the cold. I’m seeing a lot of people around me with suitcases. Folks are off for a little weekend getaway.

On that note, here’s a tip. If your suitcase(s) weigh more than you do, take a cab. First of all, you clearly can’t get that bag up or down the stairs on your own. You’re gonna kill someone.

Second, huge ass bags piss off us regular commuters. So don’t try to take your dumpster size bags onto the subway during rush hours! That’s right up there with the morons who bring baby strollers on the train during the rush.

Lastly, don’t be cheap. If you got a lot of crap with you, just take a cab to save your sanity. Hell, our sanity for that matter. The subway isn’t meant to carry you and every piece of clothing you’ve ever owned on your way to a weekend getaway.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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