As if people using their phones on the subway wasn’t annoying enough

Now, you can use your cell phone to pay for your subway fare on the Lex 13752_456_circles.gif line. A while back, SUBWAYblogger told you about the latest contactless fare program where you could earn free subway rides. Now, it is going to the next level.

Just look for the little green star symbol at the turnstiles of the 13752_456_circles.gif Lexington Line. You have to sign up ahead of time, I guess to make sure your phone and billing arrangements are kosher. Once it is up and running, you will be able hold you cellphone over the sensor at the turnstile and walk through. From there, you will be automatically billed.

We would love if there were a monthly unlimited version of the same thing. It would be cool to be able to program your monthly pass into your cellphone so that you could do the same thing. Right now, it only looks like single fares. Anway, we are excited to see how it works out. If anyone has experience with it, please post a comment to let us know how it worked!!

You might need an answering service for your business–even universities use telephone answering services. You can research various answering services online before making a choice on one.

One thought on “As if people using their phones on the subway wasn’t annoying enough

  1. I haven’t used the new contactless fare program, but I wish the entire system would go that route. Instead of MetroCards that required a swipe, you’d have one with a radio chip embedded in it just like the cards many of us have to get into work, parking garages etc.

    The technology can distinguish yours from those around you even in a crowd. Imagine how convenient it would be not to have to take something out of your pocket/wallet — many of these things can read through clothes. The barrier is the cost of the chips, but their prices are coming down.

    Failing that, I wish they’d offer a MetroCard option on a thicker, stiffer piece of plastic that you could wear on a chain, etc. and swipe w/o having to detach it. Or, using the same thick stock, they could offer a mini/keychain version like some credit card companies do. I’d opt for that even if they passed 100 percent of the extra cost on to me.


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