The Bryant Park tree lights up or maybe not

bryantpark.jpgRumor has it that they are experiencing generator problems at Bryant park for the tree lighting. Some of the production, lighting, and sound gear may not have enough juice! It may even impact the tree lights too.

Anyway, that’s our segue into a transit alert for that part of town. If you ride the 5th Ave lines or the 7 train, you might experience some extra crowding after the tree lights up (or doesn’t).

Your best option is to identify an escape route to get you to the subway as quick as possible when the festivities are over. Thousands of people are going to rush for the cabs, busses, and subways so be ready.

Otherwise, plan on being at the park for the long haul. Just wait it out. Go get dinner or a coffee because the crowds are not worth the battle.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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