Can you hear me now? Nope


Soon, the MTA will be have cellular providers installing service on the subway platforms. Passengers will be able to make last minute calls before getting on the trains. Not so much. That was the hope as last reported, but now it seems that may not be the case.

The MTA still hasn’t picked a provider even though they opened the bidding way back in August 2005.

This is one of the most retarded things ever. Doesn’t the MTA know how much money they could be making from the cellphone companies for this? But yeah…let’s keep sinking further into a budget deficit.

2 thoughts on “Can you hear me now? Nope

  1. Good, I’m glad. I ride the D train in and out of Brooklyn everyday and you cannot believe how annoying it is when 15 people pull out their cell phones the minute the train goes above ground. It is very disturbing, and you realize that you would never want to be on the other end of their conversation let alone sit next to the person!


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