Ohh the bells are a ringing


The Salvation Army is out in full force. It seems like they have every subway entrance in Manhattan staked out. Or at least the ones near the best shopping.

I don’t mind throwing some change in the bucket when I walk by. I certainy do it more that I would ever give change to random bums on the street. However, I feel like a cheap bastard when I don’t throw some change in the red bucket.

For example, I gave all my change to the guy standing at the subway entrance where I got ON the train. I feel cheap when I don’t have anything for the guy at the stop where I get OFF.

“No no…really…I have all my change to the other bell ringer.” Always sounds like a cop out.

They sould give you a little sticker like the ones you get when you vote. “I donated today.” That should help with the guilt.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

One thought on “Ohh the bells are a ringing

  1. You’re not thinking ahead. It’s like going to a strip club. When you do go, you equip yourself with dollar bills for the ladies. They dance, you pay. Same here. Fake Sanra rings – you pay. The difference here is, you’re not giving out dollar bills, but nickels, dimes and quartes… and it’s not as entertaining as the ladies.
    The point is, PREPARE IN ADVANCE. You know that jar with change that has been sitting on your fridge for years? Put it to good use. I carry a small purse with change during the holidays. That way I use up all my spare change and I do good at the same time.

    BTW. I LOVE the idea of donation stickers.

    (P.S. The email addy you gave me to submit the subway stories is not vaild (and before you say anything – I DID remove the brackets from the ‘@’), anyways, I will try posting some stories on my journal later this week. Just so you know.)


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