Applying Make-up on the Subway is Dangerous

makeup.jpgI am a former subway rider. I used to ride subways at least twice a day, as my work place was in Chelsea. But since last year or so, my work moved to the area I live, and so I have no use of subway anymore, unless I’m shopping in Manhattan.

That said, I have a funny story to tell.

So, this one time, I’m on my way to work (on the ‘N’ line) and we’re standing in between stations waiting for the train before us to clear. There’s this quite attractive girl sitting across from me and she’s putting on her make up. She’s quite skilled. She’s holding a mirror in between her thumb and forefinger and a mascara in between her pinky and fourth finger and she’s doing her lashes.

You can tell from the way she is holding her stuff, that she’s done that before. She obviously knows how to juggle it all. I’m pretending to read as I observe her from behind my book, she has already put so much gunk on her eyelashes I am sure she will have trouble blinking.

So all of a sudden the train jerks violently just as she puts another layer of the black stuff and WHAM! she rams that brush-thing into the corner of her eye and all the way across to her hair line. (Imagine Cleopatra make up).

Immediately she pulls out a tissue and tries to wipe it away, but I guess the thing is waterproof ans she ends up smearing the thing all over the side of her eye.

People are looking at her trying to keep a straight face, I’m covering my face with my book and hold my giggle-snorts and I watch her desperately rub the blackish mass off her face.

She got off the train as soon as we pulled up to a station. I don’t think it was her station either.

I have tons of more stories. For some reason, I always seem to catch the eye of THE WEIRDEST people. I will try posting them on my blog.


Snickerdoodles contributed this post. You can read her blog at If you would like to contribute a post about your subway experience, send them along to submit [@] .

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