Hey Larry, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

Larry Reuter, the current New York City Transit Authority President has announced that he plans to leave NYC in February. 

Ok, so maybe the headline is a little harsh.  He sort of a good run

-Introduced MetroCards with discounts and unlimited rides
-Eliminated “two-fare zones”
-Oversaw 31% increase in subway ridership
-2,502 new subway cars and 3,239 buses purchases
-116 subway station rehabbed
-NYC Transit received international recognition for sound environmental practices

But he did totally botch the A, C line clean up prediction.  Back when there was a fire in one of the control rooms, he said it would put the A and C lines out for years.  Aaaaaaaaand by years he meant a couple weeks.

Have fun in Florida!

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