You use your eyes

“He’ll use his nose.”

That’s the slogan from the MTA Police in their latest See something, Say something campaign. It’s actually not even a new campaign.

Anyway, the dog on the poster ad bothers be. He just sits and stares at you while you ride. The dog is a police dog who appears to be working his “beat” in the subway.

The whole “see something” campaign is a good concept, but is it really working? A terrorist’s goal is to make sure no one sees anything before the big boom. So what’s the point?

The next terrorist is just going to look like a guy in a business suit or a woman a grocery bag. We see that everywhere, so should we say something?

Just a thought. A little less cash could be spent on dog posters.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

2 thoughts on “You use your eyes

  1. I find the Spanish-language version of that same poster even more unsettling, for some reason. I’m pretty ambivalent about the dog…


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