Selling your subway tokens on eBay


SUBWAYblogger stumbled across something a little strange. People are selling their old subway tokens on eBay. Is that strange?

They are being sold as collector’s items in some cases. It hasn’t been that long since the MTA stopped using tokens.

Some of the sets are cool though. Apparently there are bigger transit geeks than SUBWAYblogger out there. Some people have entire collections of tokens starting back to the very first set released up to them most recent. There’s a set of 10 tokens with a high bid of $41.00. There’s even someone that is selling 100 bull’s-eye tokens with a bid of $202.00!! (if you go looking for this one, it only had 23 minutes left as of this posting).

You’d be surprised at all of the subway related goodies for sale on eBay. You can even buy parts of old trains!

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