Subway ridership IS up! Ha…we knew it.

tokenbooth.jpgGotta love it when our random blurbs about how extra crowded the trains seem to be are validated by the legit press.  The NY Sun reports that many neighborhoods are seeing huge surges in subway ridership! 

In other words, our random (complete lack of coffee) babble about the crowds this morning wasn’t as crazy and incoherent as we first thought. Turns out, SUBWAYblogger was only semi B.S.-ing our way though this morning’s post.  Sweet.

Anyway, many “little” stations that used to only see a few hundred riders a day are now seeing thousands of people wander through their turnstiles. 

At that station, ridership has soared to 1,771 people a weekday entering the turnstiles to access trains on the J, M, and Z lines, compared to just 308 passengers who passed through the station during a weekday in 1995.

The Sun says that much of the increase has to do with parking lots disappearing on the outer rims of the city.  So, more and more riders are turning to the trains.

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