Walking to the subway is a bitch


On snowy days like today, walking to the subway is a real pain in the ass.  Mostly, it is due the joy that is crossing over intersections.  Most look like this.  The slush in the streets gets up to your knees in some places.

The MTA also does a pretty crappy job of clearing the stairs.  The snow, slush, and ice builds up quickly, so people cling to the handrail to keep from breaking their asses.  Then you have to climb back up the slippery stairs to get out of the subway.

But once you’re there, the train is way better than trying to drive.  It’s even better than the busses. I saw two busses on the same block stuck in the street!  Once of them spun out its back tires causing it to fishtail into a sign pole.  Yikes.

2 thoughts on “Walking to the subway is a bitch

  1. They were putting chains on the bus tires downtown yesterday afternoon when I went past. They were pretty cool. And traction aiding goodness too! Too bad the bus I was coming in from Jersey on didn’t have any, we got stuck on a ramp for a good 15-20 minutes coming towards Lincoln Tunnel. I thought the driver was going to make us all get out in the glop and push, screw that!


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