Broken doors

Well, that was a first. I just arrived at the subway station and there was a train already at the platform. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it down the stairs in time to get on. However, the train was in the station for quite a while because of a stuck door.

The train motorman got out of the front of the train, and walked back to the car with the stuck door. He had to slide the door back and forth by hand to get it to catch the lock! 

You can always tell which doors are open or stuck by the little red lights above the doors on the inside or outside of the train.

They kept telling everyone to get their bags and coats away from the door. They thought people were blocking the doors. After 15 tries, it was clear they weren’t going to close correctly on their own.

But the motorman was able to kick the door’s ass, and made it work.

What was also odd was that he jumped off the front of the train onto the tracks, then climbed onto the platform. I guess there were too many people in the car to allow him to walk out the normal way.

Then he jumped off the platform, around to the front of the train, and climbed back up the front of the train again.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio… 

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