The Electronic Signs Work! More or less.

Electronic Sign

(ok, so this isn’t one of the platform signs, but it is still really funny.)

So the New York Times went underground to do some of the hard-hitting investigative reporting that they are known for.  They sent a reporter, armed with a stop watch, into the subway system to ride the L trains and test the monitors.

Turns out, they were accurate!  The times reflected on the boards actually synched up with when the train arrived.  What a concept!

On this day, however, the signs worked like a charm. A stopwatch revealed that the trains came and went as predicted. It was almost unnerving.


However, since it is an MTA operation, there had to be a slight flaw.  To accompany the electronic boards, the system incorporates a prerecorded voice that announces the arrival times.  On this occasion, the announcements sounded like the techno remixed version. 

“The next train will arrive, will arrive, will arrive.”  But hey, at least something about them is working.  That’s more than can be said for the boards in the past.

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