Semi-back on Track (no pun intended…ok maybe)

Well the system seems semi back to normal. There’s still a long wait between trains.

I got a text message from a friend on the Lexington line saying that the trains are coming in groups. 2 or 3 trains would come by back to back with virtually no wait. Then it would be forever until the next group would come.

I had to wait for the first train to go by. It was too full. The next one took forever to come. By then, the platform filled back up. Luckily, I was up to the front edge of the platform.

We just left an express station that was overflowing with people. Lot of riders are trying to make the transfer, but wind up stranded on the platform.

Looks like it might take 24 hours for everything to settle back down.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

One thought on “Semi-back on Track (no pun intended…ok maybe)

  1. I noticed the bunch along the Lexington corridor this afternoon. I had to go to the bank & got off at 59th St. as usual. The commute from the Bronx went by without issue.

    When I started to head back home, I took my usual wait approach. I usually wait for a couple of trains or sometimes 3-5 trains (both local & express) pass until I hop on an uptown 6 express at the back of the platform. I do this as I will always get a seat.

    Usually the trains are literally 10-20 seconds apart. However I noticed today that there was a gap of about 5-8 minutes where nothing came after I passed up an unusually empty uptown 6 local go.

    The downtown side featured one 6 after another coming in. Each 6 waited a minimum of 3 minutes before departing. A very interesting commute was out there for us Lexington riders today.


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