Catchy clarinet

So a guy got on my train to play us a little tune on his clarinet in hopes of scoring some pocket change.  First off, the clarinet is a nice change.  You don’t see many clarinet players in the subway.  It seems to mostly be keyboards and guitars with the occasional trumpet thrown in.

I especially liked his little sales pitch, although the jury is still out on whether I believed it or not.  He said:

Good morning ladies and gentlemen.  I’m trying to make a little money and finish paying for school.  Any help you can give me would be great.

He then proceeded to play his song.

A little more info…He didn’t seem like a college type.  He was older, and looked like he may have been homeless.  He had that sort of vibe about him. However, he did have a little mp3 player that he had on that must have had a beat or tune for him to listen to as he played.  So that says that he at least had the money to buy the mp3 player and must have access to a computer.

Anyway, I say all this because not a single person gave him any money when he was done.   I think it was because he looked homeless!  I think no one bought his story of trying to pay his way though school.  However, the fact that he had and instrument, mp3 player, and access to a computer for the mp3 player points to him perhaps not being a bum.

All I had on me was a $20.  So I couldn’t help him out. 

One thought on “Catchy clarinet

  1. There are similar levels of suspicious stinginess over here. Someone got on the tube, started playing the accordian, and one person actually told him to shut the f**k up.

    Just slipped out. I couldn’t help it.


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