The Name Game: Subway Stations


The Backburner wrote the other day about the unofficial/official name change of the 47th/50th Street station to “Top of the Rock.”

Let’s back up.

Traditionally, some stations get their name tagged with the surrounding attractions.  The 47/50th street station stop used to be announced as Rockefeller Center.  Nowadays, it being called “Top of the Rock.”  SUBWAYblogger noticed it back in October.

It’s actually been going on for quite a while…since about the time the new observation deck opened.  Some people are up in arms, but what’s the big deal?

Who care’s if the MTA actually sells name mentions?  Especially if that money can be captured and reinvested in the subway system? 

Next stop, Fairway 72nd Street…I’m SOLD.

One thought on “The Name Game: Subway Stations

  1. Top of the Rock…

    I’ve been noticing during my new commute that train operators often announce my stop as “47th-50th, Rockefeller Center, Top of the Rock”. This is the observation deck on the 70-story GE building, open to the public since November of 2005…….


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