6 local trains in the other direction

Shocker. The MTA did a horrible job recovering from their weekend construction. This weekend, they did the double switch. The express trains ran on the local line, and the local trains ran express.

Ask me, it sound like the most retarded plan ever.

Anyway, this morning’s recovery from that plan was all F-ed up. I just stood and watched 6 local trains go by on the uptown track. Meanwhile, the 2,000 people on the downtown platform have no trains for the last 25 minutes.

Finally, I got on this train. Had to let the first one to come by go ahead without me because it was already full before it got to our stop.

Instead of 5am or 6am, they need to resume normal service around 3am. Maybe then the service will have balanced out a little.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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