Train newspapers

It always amazes me how many free “train” newspapers there are. Ok, so they aren’t all free. There’s Wall Street Journals, New York Times, Daily News, etc sprinkled in there too.

But there’s so many “others.” There’s a handful of newspapers for just about every language spoken in New York City.

There’s a gentleman across from me right now reading a Chinese newspaper. (At least I assume it is Chinese. It has a lot of red on the cover and Asian character type, so I just assume…)

There’s a ton of Spanish papers, and I’ve seen a few Italian papers around too.

Anyway, the part that amazes me is that none of them would exist if they weren’t viable businesses. If the papers were unable to make money, they simply would not be around. That means there’s enough of a market for foreign language papers in the city. That says a lot for the mix of cultures we have.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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