Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are proud to present the newest addition to the SUBWAYblogger family:

Shouldn’t it be “” Well, yeah…but that domain name was already taken. Plus, is a little more quirky in that it really isn’t a word. Who knows, maybe it will become mainstream one day!

What is In a nutshell, it’s everything NOT subway related. So often while cruising around the city, we see things that we think would make a cool blog post. But many times, there’s no subway connection. So, we don’t ever want to fill up with bullshit, non-subway related stuff. We like our little niche here! So, we created as a place for everything else. As we go along, I’m sure it will take much more of a specific focus.

Who writes Well, SUBWAYblogger people write unRAILED too. But, we are looking for contributors. So if you would like to become a regular contributor, let us know and we will get you set up to post. It always helps to get your own name/blog out there in front of other audiences.

Anyway, go take a look! We hope you enjoy.

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