I think the kiddies are gone

I think the high school kids are finally gone for the summer! They might have been gone for a week or more now, but I am just noticing how much less crowded certain trains are.

There’s a particular time in the morning where it seems that most of the high school kids go to catch the train to school. For my neighborhood, it is right around 7:40am. That’s when the bulk of them seem to be around.

The guys, who all think they are badass gangstas, stand in the doorways, and rarely move when the doors open. The girls travel in packs of at least three. Usually, they seem to be at peak annoyance in groups of five or more.

Anyway, they all seem to be gone!

The funnier part is that you don’t even see them around the neighborbood either…even on the weekend. Where do all these kids go? Are they all holed up somewhere?

Live from the subway, back to you in studio… .

6 thoughts on “I think the kiddies are gone

  1. I can’t stand riding the subway with school kids. As annoying as the “professional” thugs are, the girls trump them hands down.

    A good percentage of them might be attractive but their annoying actions ruins that. Why must they talk so loud as if they are 100 feet away when they are next to each other?

    I have to admit it seems a little early for them to be gone. My guess is they are taking finals which really breaks up the times you will see them.


  2. I think it’s finals or regents or whatever those crazy kids do.

    A few months ago I was on the 7 and a bunch of loud, annoying high school kids were taking up the train as usual, blocking the doors. One woman tried to get on and with her Russian accent asked the kids to move. They didn’t like that so they said no. Seeing as how she was in her 60’s, she couldn’t just push through like we would have. As she tried to get on, she and one of the kids started arguing and eventually the guy was like “B*tch, get off the train!” and physically pushed her off! They thought it was hilarious.

    Oh the joy of ignorance.


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