Ok, is advertising city water on the subway a bit much?

So how about the new DEP/NYC Department of Health “Water” ads.  What the hell do they have to advertise city water for?  And for that matter, why are they advertising it on the subway?

Is there really competition for the water that comes into our apartments?  Don’t think so.

And let’s be honest, are you really going to compete with Coke and Pepsi on water sales?  There’s no way the city will ever be able to even nudge the marketing efforts of these major companies.  So they shouldn’t even bother trying to put city water up against bottled water. 
The ads are pretty trendy looking for a city organization though.  They actually caught my eye.  Then, I realized I was looking at an ad for water.  City water.

What are they going to advertise next?  “Call 911 for all your fire extinguishing needs.”  “Been mugged?  Try the NYPD.”

5 thoughts on “Ok, is advertising city water on the subway a bit much?

  1. I think you’re missing the point… the ads are to encourage people to choose water over sugary caffeine-filled soft drinks or other unhealthy drinks. It’s not about profits, it was made by the Department of Health and Mental Hygeine.


  2. I have yet to see the water ad on a subway, but I have seen it on the side of bus stop. I think its a good idea to push water over the corn syrupy slop that people guzzle as though its the secret to good living.


  3. I actually think advertising tap water is a good idea. So many people buy wasteful bottled water because of the advertising. Why not plug the tap water? It’s safe to drink; it’s delicious; it’s free; and there’s no plastic residue that just builds and builds and builds.


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