She is on the Pill

The Planned Parenthood ads crack me up. The funniest is the one with the girl outside near a bridge. In great big letters above her:

“I’m on the pill.”

Hahah. She must be desprate for modeling gigs. Who wants to be the birth control slut with your picture plastered on subways all over Manhattan?

What if she actually lives in NYC. Imagine seeing her sitting on the train! There she is. There’s her picture. There she is. There’s her picture.

I can just see the conservatives saying “what a whore” in the back of their minds…even though it is just an ad campaign.

Just the idea or the name “Planned Parenthoot” makes some people uncomfortable. It just makes me laugh that now it’s in their faces on the subway. Haha.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio… .

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