Mmmm Touch It

What will you or won’t you touch in the subway? If you ask me, nothing unless I have to.

Sometimes, you’re forced into a crowd of people where you have to hold onto a rail or something while the train is moving. Otherwise, this BlackBerry is the only thing my hands will touch for the entire ride. Even the BlackBerry I disinfect every other day or so.

I bring it up because many (if not most) people grab right onto those hand rails even when they don’t need too. People sitting down even hold on sometimes! Unless I am about to fall on a pregnant woman carrying newborn puppies, I’m not touching a thing.

Take a long, hard look at some of the fine specimens riding the train with you. Then think about how disgusting some people are. To top off the grossness, then think about the homeless, TB infected bums that were touching that same rail or seat just last night.

Mmmm, gonna think twice next time?

Live from the subway, back to you in studio… .

11 thoughts on “Mmmm Touch It

  1. Whatever. We have immune systems for a reason, and most of the time they work extremely well. Just wash your hands whenever you get where you’re going and you’ll be fine. Besides, almost no infectious agents live very long on dry stainless steel. You’re much more at risk of getting an upper respiratory infection if the person you’re standing next to sneezes.


  2. I agree with Harlan. You’re a wuss, and frankly all that sanitizing is probably making your immune system weaker from lack of exposure. When you have kids, are you gonna keep them in a bubble?


  3. …sanitizing is probably making your immune system weaker from lack of exposure. When you have kids, are you gonna keep them in a bubble?

    So next time your sushi chef scratches his hairy balls, and goes back to work without washing his hands, I’m guessing you wont have an issue.

    Good for you.


  4. Holy Strawman, Batman. How often to do sanitize your keyboard at work? Do you turn the bathroom doorknob with your elbow too? How many times a day do you wash your hands?

    You get more germs from the air than from the Subway pole. Maybe you should avoid breathing.


  5. Disinfect your black berry? that is weird.

    I dont dont even disinfect my mouse and with that I eat and use the mouse, scratch my ass and balls and use the mouse, rub my feet and use my mouse. Its probably disgusting but whatever Im not afraid of germs. I rarely if ever get sick maybe once a year or two if that (Im getting pretty close to 2 years without being sick).

    … the only thing I do hate about riding the subway is that in the summertime people seem to have a thing against deodorants because my gosh people BO is not attractive.


  6. Whoa whoa whoa. I’m not some sort of OCD germ freak here.

    In my regular day job, I’m out and about town meeting lots of people, shaking lots of hands, etc etc. So I wash my hands just as often as any normal person.

    However, it doesnt do much good to wash your hands and then grab hold of a mouse or Blackberry. (for that matter, by BBerry has virtually fused itself to my hand…that’s how much I’m on it) So every couple days, I just give it a quick wipe with one of those wetnap things.

    It’s not so much getting sick that I’m worried about. It’s just the thought of where that shit has been that is a bit freaky.


  7. subwayblogger:
    clearly you took the time to write a post about your Hughes-esque disdain of germs (and how you try not to touch anything on the subway), so it’s a good guess you think more than the average rider about the “grodiness” of various surfaces on the subway.

    which begs the question of whether you actually like the subway or not given you phobia of touching things therein

    i’m just sayin….


  8. I can actually understand where you are coming from. I identify myself as a “mini germ freak”. That being said, I try to avoid the filthy subway pole when possible, but I won’t avoid the crowded subway just to avoid the pole…. if you catch my drift. However, I do not run around NYC with a bottle of hand sanitizer. I think that stuff s nonsense and does less than good old fashion hand washing. We live in a sea of germs, and there is nothing we can do about it, but simple things like routine hand washing, and keep devices near us clean won’t do any harm either.

    So “B” go ahead and clean your mouse, you will at least be doing everyone around you a favor.


  9. I guess I’m a germ freak. I also try not to touch handrails, and unless my legs will not support me, I try not to sit either. By the way, I also take note of who doesn’t wash thier hands before leaving the mens room, and will avoid handshakes with them. I wash my hands whenever I can and keep my nails clean. All that said, I’ll step in just about anything!


  10. subwayblogger help me

    i want to disinfect my blackberry
    what do u use to do it without damaging it?

    i understand ur sanitation needs ur just ike me


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