Mr Met Says

Mr. Met Says, “Please don’t let good manners slide. Keep your stuff off the seats for a better ride.”

That’s what one of the most annoying signs on the subway says. Are we all a bunch of 5 year olds or something? It’s like some goofy lesson in an episode of Mr. Rogers or something.

But there he is, giant baseball head and all. You’d think after all these years Mr. Met would have a better contract. I have to assume he’s made millions and could afford his own driver. Times must be tough in the mascot world because there he is doing endorsements for the MTA.

“Courtesy is a winning play…” Says Mr. Met. Yeah well teaching manners to a bunch of self-centered adults is like trying to pitch a perfect game.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio… .

2 thoughts on “Mr Met Says

  1. Mr. Met got all hopped up on his recent election to the Mascot Hall of Fame that he decided to start making public safety announcements and forgot that his team was choking. Thanks bud.


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