Japanese Style Subway Stuffing

This would last…ohhh…5 minutes in NYC before one of these guys got shot in the face.

But it would be pretty cool I think.  We’d get more people on the train.  And those brats with personal space issues would just have to suck it up.

One thought on “Japanese Style Subway Stuffing

  1. This ‘works’ in Japan for several good reasons. Their system carries even more people… The Japanese riders, random strangers to each other, work together more like a team in understanding in a unwritten rule kind of way that they are all in the car together. Their subways have no mystery on arrival times and frequencies. The Japanese society is very clean (bodily and otherwise) you won’t get away being crammed together with NYC style riders that come from every poor immmigrant culture you can think of, and some people that just smell from even 10 feet away.


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