Google To Map the Subway

Google Transit

Google is getting geared up to start mapping New York City Transit systems. Ultimately, you’ll be able to map a transit or subway route just like Google Maps.

I can only imagine that this is going to be disastrous for Hop Stop. They’re a pretty big company anyway, so I’m not losing much sleep over it. However, I do feel bad for nonprofit sites like OnNYTurf. They have a pretty sweet Google Map mashup of the subway. Google’s will obviously work much better, and have more features, because well…they’re Google.

Google is already up and running in dozens of cities around the country.

With the Google Transit online trip planner, a user enters a start and end address or landmark and gets automated directions, including schedules and transfer points. Bus ridership in Duluth, Minnesota, increased 12 percent since the Google system was added to its Web site last year, said Tom Elwell, marketing director for the local transit authority. [Bloomberg]

12% increase in bus ridership? That’s amazing.

From Google’s business perspective, they will be able to provide even more hyper local advertising. Already, Google maps will so you ads based on where you are searching for directions. With the transit maps, Google will be able to show you ads pertaining to businesses within a block or two of where you’re getting on/off the train. This opens up the opportunity for businesses that rely on business within a few square blocks to affordably and efficiently advertise.


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