Subway Maps for iPhone Getting Advanced

070827_map_iphone.jpgLast month, we told you about a quick, dirty little way to get a nice subway map onto your iPhone. Sure, for most New Yorkers, we don’t need the subway map. But every now and then you find yourself out in the Village a few drinks deep, and all you need is to find a damn train. Enter the iPhone subway map in your pocket. (Not my pocket, because I still don’t have one)

Khoi has taken the idea to the next level.

The original iPhone map was basically a PDF file that was formatted to open nicely in Safari. You could zoom to some degree, but it was pretty basic.

Khoi’s version is much more elegant. He takes advantage of the iPhone’s album view. iPhone let’s you organize photo albums on your phone into small, tiled thumbnails. Tap on one, and it blows up.

He took a whole map and sliced it up into squares. Put the squares together and they form a complete map. Each square gets rendered down to a thumbnail. Now, you can simply tap on the quadrant you are interested in to see a larger view. Toggling around is easier too. Check it out.

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