Open Thread

Tonight, we asked our SUBWAYblogger Facebook friends to share their craziest experiences on the subway.  Here’s a few of the responses so far:

Franco Barbara
I told a dirty smelly begger to get the fu^k away from me. That was a bad idea. He threw his spare change at me and went nuts. I got him to calm down and he got off the train. Idon’tknowwhyIdidit. He smelledreallybad and I didn’t want him near my dog.

Chris Campbell
well on my way back from coney island to the bronx i was stuck on the 6 train between 125th st and 3 Av-138th st 4 bout an hour and everybody was just yellin and cursin and on the D line 2 coney island some kids under 12 were breakdancin i was like wtf

2 thoughts on “Open Thread

  1. I’ll never forget when I was little, like between the ages of 4-6 (we’re talking the years of 1982-84), I was on the F headed to Manhattan with my mother. We were sitting on the double seats minding our own business when this drunk woman (she had long brown hair)came on with someone else and was so tore up that she SAT on me!
    I was shocked and froze up; my mother, of course, swiftly shoved the woman off of me and yelled some choice words.
    I’m 29 now and have experienced many, many things on the ol’ iron horse, but that one incident is something I’ll never forget.


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