NY1 Does Poll to Determine the Obvious

I think there’s a fundamental truth to subway riding that we can all agree upon:  The trains are cleaner than they were in the 80’s, but in general, the commute has not changed in 30 years.

Well, NY1 took the time to make it official…exclusively.

“The trains are cleaner, there’s no more graffiti on them,” said a straphanger at Brooklyn’s Dekalb Avenue station. “But I think the basic commute is not really any significant change.”

Sorry Bobby if you’re reading, but I just don’t get it.

Also, many (if not most) believe that things have actually gotten worse.  I guess there are just about as many trains, but they are clearly over crowded.  So yay for fancy polling.

2 thoughts on “NY1 Does Poll to Determine the Obvious

  1. Having just been in NYC, heres my view: it was nice how clean the trains are. Felt safe. The subway stations and platforms were gross.
    Overall, I wish we had the system in my city. But then I’m a tourist, not a resident…


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