Remember that crazy time on the subway? These people did.

Drunk SubwayWell, I felt inspired by a friend’s first subway ride this past weekend. I started poking around the blogosphere, and I found that a lot of people write about a their crazy subway experiences. So, I went to the blog search engines and typed in “crazy subway ride.” Here’s some of the highlights.

Bamboo Soldiers: (link)

We took a loud and crazy subway ride to 42nd street (after getting lost during a transfer when I led all 30 kids on a wrong train back to Brooklyn and didn’t realize it till they told me “Ms. Momii-Roberts I think we’re going back to school?”).

Kevin and the City: (link)

This whole trip was accompanied by a crazy subway ride complete with homeless crazy men, and Jackie and I belting out showtunes. So we smoke and drink and watch Jackie shave her armpits in front of us and I realize this girl is FIERCE with a mother-fucking capital F.

Karen in Connecticut: (link)

If the subway was like this all of the time, I don’t think anyone would ever use it. I’ll give you a little rundown (if I can remember it all).

1. We exited the park on 72nd St and took the B (orange) train.
2. At 59th St. (Columbus Circle), we switched to the 2 (red) train, which should’ve brought us to South Ferry (right in Battery Park). But there was construction going on. So the furthest downtown it went was 14th St.
3. At 14th St. we walked a few blocks (underground) to the L train, which took us to Union Square (14th St.).
4. At Union Square we boarded the 6 (green) train, which should’ve taken us to Bowling Green (basically Battery Park). But because of construction, it stopped at the Brooklyn Bridge.

Sophia’s Monde: (link)

I think the most fascinating place in New York City is the subway. Only on the subway do you see so many different kinds of people coexisting peacefully. From every ethnicity, to every religion, to every socioeconomic status- all backgrounds are represented in this microcosm of New York life. Today, in one subway car alone, I saw a prim looking woman reading a “Men of the Bible” book with a 99 cent sticker on the front, an orthodox Jew carrying a bouquet of flowers, a group of men in expensive suits looking like they were Wall Street bound, a couple of rough looking teenagers, uncomfortable looking tourists, and me, with my massive backpack standing in the corner trying desperately not to knock anyone over.

The Liar is a bitch: (link)

Dear Mean Cracked Out Homeless Subway Lady:

You walk down the middle of the F train with your plastic cup, grumbling about “the fucking assholes” and shoving your grubby hand under my nose, “fifty cents miss?” you say.

A View from Brooklyn: (link)

ok random…it took me 35 mins, including (drunk) walking time to get from the village to my apt, as in INSIDE my apt.

this is not bad.

ok so excuse typing erros, plz. as i am teh drunk (2 beers, 2 jack and cokes, 1 shot of rum, 1 jellos shot, 1 chocolate cake shot, 1 beer). BUT i must say that as much as i wanted to just walk home from the bar in the village instead of walking to the subway and then sitting on the subway and walking home…my place is kickass and it wasn’t that bad. first drunk subway ride! ok…not so much…but first one LEAVING the village!!! lmao. 35 mins instead of 5 getting home…whatever

too drunk for the subway, too high for the street: (link)

(ok…gonna just leave this one alone)

3 thoughts on “Remember that crazy time on the subway? These people did.

  1. Why didn’t Karen just take the shuttle bus to South Ferry from Chambers St? There are signs all over the place about it, at least 40 announcements about it on board the train, and MTA people on hand to help explain. On a normal weekend, the 2 doesn’t even go to South Ferry.


  2. 4. At Union Square we boarded the 6 (green) train, which shouldÂ’ve taken us to Bowling Green (basically Battery Park). But because of construction, it stopped at the Brooklyn Bridge.

    That’s just wrong. The 6 NEVER runs to Bowling Green. It always terminates at the bridge and turns around in the City Hall stop.


  3. How hard is it for people to do just a modicum of research before boarding the train or even better, before heading into NYC. My friends and family who are car-nuts in the Bronx will never ever go downtown before doing research and asking me for advice especially on the weekends when repairs and construction are going on.


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