This Just In (for like the 4th time this year): The Subways are Crowded As Hell

New numbers recently released show that subway ridership in the first 6 months of 2007 was 4% HIGHER than the same time period in 2006.

Only 4%?  That’s not much, right?   Wrong!

When you figure in the actual raw numbers, it’s huge.  There’s already been about a billion subway rides this year.  BILLION!

The PATH train’s growth was 7%.  That only goes to show that populations are growing in areas like Hoboken.  More and more people are choosing to live outside in these areas, and simply make the short commute in.  If you work in lower Manhattan, it’s almost more convenient than living on the Upper East or West side.  You just hop on the PATH and get dropped off in the heart of the financial district.  Just pick up your bags of money, and head back to your slick Hoboken loft.

If you had to guess, how many people would you think ride the subway on a normal weekday?  If you said 7.2 million people, you would be correct.  That, or you read the same Newsday article I did.

5 thoughts on “This Just In (for like the 4th time this year): The Subways are Crowded As Hell

  1. 7.2 million? Good God. then ridership IS up, because the last time I heard a hard number, it was lower than that. Not sure what the number was, but it was definitely lower. Are you sure that’s not a system-wide figure, including the buses?


  2. Ouch, That hurts a bit. The Subway is still my favorite place to catch up with the NYC scene. But still…everything is going up and there is nothing to do about it- unless more people want to walk to work? Castings? and photo shoots? Even banana’s on the street are 35cents, not 25 cents anymore!


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