The Subway: Where Politics and MLK Day Converge


Uncivilsociety reminds us of a somewhat darker time in subway history.  This ad once ran on the subways in a pre-civil rights era.  It combines two themes in one ad that today would be considered unbelievably offensive.

First, the tongue-in-cheek way they use “women voting.”  As if it were an inevitability.  Then again, as we all know, women will only vote for Gold Dust detergent because that’s all women really know.  Right?

Second, we might be crazy enough to allow women to vote, but let’s face it, our black servants are the ones that will use the detergent in the first place.  As depicted in the ad, the lady of the house will buy the detergent, but the black house keepers will joyfully use it.

Very interesting to see how these ideas weren’t just in the back of people’s minds.  They were pro actively used in advertising!

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